Pellico 3 Milano gourmet restaurant

Between study and inspiration

A refined gourmet cuisine, which is a delight for the eyes and the palate. At Pellico 3 Milano the menu follows the natural seasonality of the ingredients. Each dish is the result of a careful study of raw materials, traditional recipes and their origin. Executive Chef Guido Paternollo grafts his sensitivity and international experience onto this heritage of essences, flavours and culture, to create dishes that awaken memories but know how to surprise the senses every time.

“Every season the earth gives new scents, tastes and colors. A wealth that must be respected and loved.

That’s how I try to transfer its purest essence into my dishes.”

Executive Chef Guido Paternollo

The Wine cellar

The gastronomic experience is completed by an excellent wine cellar, custodian of an important selection of Champagne, Barolo, and Brunello labels.

Haute cuisine and design

The gastronomic proposals of Chef Guido Paternollo are highlighted by a bright and welcoming architectural space designed by the architect Flaviano Capriotti. The color palette which varies from yellow to brown to green recalls ingredients of the chef’s typical cuisine and shapes an experience based on the rhythm of the seasons and respect for the times of nature.

Executive Chef Guido Paternollo and Chef de Cuisine Mario Musiello

The chef

Born in 1991, Milanese, with a degree in engineering from Politecnico di Milano, Chef Guido Paternollo has transformed his passion for cooking into a vocation and work. After working in the brigades of Enrico Bartolini, Alain Ducasse, and Yannick Alleno, he returns to his hometown where in 2022 he begins his adventure at Pellico 3 Milan.

The staff kitchen

The team

The experience in the dining room is entrusted to the maître de restaurant Giusy Chebeir

Dress Code
Appropriate dress code required: casual elegant. We kindly ask men not to wear shorts or flip flop.

Pets policy
Pets are not allowed

The dining room staff of Pellico 3 Milano restaurant